Iphone Wooden Cases

Instead of choosing usual polycarbonate cases for your iPhone 6 or 6s you can choose wooden cases that give your phone an elegant look. The Wood iPhone Case  offers an elegant and unique style to your phone. There are various manufacturers making the wooden case for your iPhone model that are best suited for your Apple products. Some of the best products are listed below.

Live Edge series of Carved is a 100% wooden material. It is an eco-friendly case where it is made from natural wood. Live edge cases are distinct in design and you cannot find similarities between any two cases. The color and design of the cases are unique since the case is built using natural wood you must take extra care of it. Satellite series is another model of wood cases of Carved for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 and 6Plus.

Slicoo crafted elegant iPhone cases using bamboo or wooden material. Inner case is made using organic soft TPT and the plastic hold gives your iPhone complete safety. You don’t have to worry even if you drop your iPhone from the normal height since the bamboo wood is the strong material that protects your phone.
The clever cuts in the phone allow you to access the different ports easily. You can choose from the five different options of color. In addition to that, you can find the open space for visibility of Apple’s logo.

Joylink iPhone wooden case is a handmade case from Oakwood. The inner shell of the case is Polycarbonate that tightly fits your iPhone and protects from usual bumps and falls. The Joylink’s Oakwood cases for iPhone are unique in color, design and style and you cannot find any similarities between any two cases of this model. You can access all the basic features of the iPhone without any difficulty.

Kans iPhone cases are a fusion of wood and TPU. The soft TPU in the inner shell protects your Apple phone from bumps and fall. The raised edge safeguards your phone from scratches when you place your iPhone face down. This model covers the precious logo of Apple but you can access all the features of the phone without any hindrances.

You can notice different artworks in the Wonfast wooden case. You have plenty of options from selecting any design from the thirteen art designs that are designed in real wood. Wonfast iPhone case is very simple to remove and install.

Many people prefer Aitoo wooden case for their iPhone because of the classy style of the case. Unlike Wonfast model art design in the wooden frame, you will find dual texture case in Aitoo case. The frame is made from polycarbonate and the back is made from real wood. You don’t have any color cases in Aitoo since its only one case option is worth and elegant. Though the case is made up of real wood you can find it easy to install and remove the case because of its lightweight. Apart from these models various iPhone wooden cases of other manufacturers are also available in the market.

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